Iklan-Iklan · Resepi Masakan

Roti Ah Lemak……Roti kah Nasi Lemak……


Ah Lemak?! BreadTalk launches new Nasi Lemak-inspired bread

(Roti Ah Lemak- Inspirasi daripada Nasi Lemak, roti baru ini dijual secara rasmi oleh BreadTalk)

Singapore bakery chain BreadTalk five new buns, Ah Lemak?!,

 First Love, Circle of Life, Four Blessings and Singa Shake as part of its “Flavours of Jubilation” collection that is produced in collaboration with Taiwan’s award-winning chef Johnny Chen, who was the champion in the 2005 Mondial du Pain (World of Bread) competition.

The Ah Lemak?! bun stood out from the five for being inspired by popular local dish Nasi Lemak, and contains ikan bilis, sambal, peanuts and cheese.


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